Are you ready to go to back to the age of Alchemy?

The world seems to be turning at a faster pace then ever. We are in the throws of the technological age. For most of humanity, at just the touch of a button, instant gratification happens on so many levels. Have we lost a sense of who we are as a race? Have we the ability to turn back time just a little and appreciate all the wisdom that or ancestors passed to us over the ages.

If this has caught your attention, you may very well be excited about the prospect of attending an upcoming event hosted by Robert Bartlett in Glastonbury, in September 2023.B Bartlett, a ground-breaking author of the bestselling book “Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy”

An introduction to ALCHEMY with Robert Bartlett

Taking place on September 2nd, 10am – 5pm at the Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury

A challenging task to try and condense so much into a day but nonetheless, Robert Bartlett will give a brief history on Alchemy and covers the history and myths on the subject, along with an information Q&A session. Tickets are priced at just £20 and will sell out fast.

Taking place from September 3rd to 11th 2023, Robert Bartlett will host a 9-day course in ALCHEMY giving you the opportunity to gain experience, discover and immerse yourself in this fascinating subject. Everything that you’ve always wanted to do on this fascinating subject will be taught outside of the USA for the very first time, as Robert hosts his teaching retreat at Avalon Tor Retreat, located on the fringes of Glastonbury.